PUPPET – The term puppet, more often used in the plural marionette, represents the set of puppets intended for the show, has a completely uncertain etymology.

Generally it is agreed that the word derives from the diminutive of the name of Maria.

So in French: Marion, Mariette. Mariole, name given to small figures of the Virgin Maria; Mariolette, to ancient statuettes of women; Marotte, to the wooden head surmounting the scepter of the jesters.

In Italy the word marionette reconnects to a Venetian origin, namely the feast of the “Marys” (10th century), in which twelve richly dressed girls were led in procession through the city, later replaced by twelve large wooden “Marys” “(de tola), said Marione, that the toy makers then reproduced in tiny proportions, also to amuse the children.

Up to the present day with Letizia Fiorini and her incredible artistic creations.

A student start as an animator in schools, supporting people who dealt with theater and for whom she began to create papier-mâché puppets.

Ma il “doing with your hands” has distant origins, from a father and a mother, who even if they did something else for work, knitting, sewing, sawing and planing tirelessly at any available time of the day.

And it is thanks to his father, a great builder of nautical models and repairer of everything, and to his mother, precise and patient sewing machine, that he learned the use of his hands as a tool with which to create works and talking characters.

Letizia learned the art of the hands immediately after learning to walk, and before being able to read.

His shop is located in Florence in Via del Parione, 60 / r, we are sure that as soon as you enter his enchanted world, you will be fascinated just as it happened to us.

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