? The faces of SIGNUM FIORENZA Let’s start with the President!
Valentina Braschi is a professional photographer, a creative, an entrepreneur.
In 2003 he founded STUDIODI.DESIGN a visual communication agency that operates throughout the territory.
“The idea of ​​Signum Fiorenza was born in the most total simplicity of a conversation between friends.
I love my city, its monuments, its museums and its artisans, yes because they are like cultural assets like the Duomo or Santa Maria Novella or Santa Croce.
For centuries they have nourished the beauty of Florence in the world, through their unique and inimitable artistic creations.
I love to photograph hands at work, aged, worn out by time and fatigue of a job that too often requires more sacrifices than gratifications.
We can change, we can change, the Signum Fiorenza Association was born from these simple considerations, bringing the beauty of Florence and its artisans under the eyes of all.
A journey between ARTS, CRAFTS, MEN AND WORKS.
Each of us is called to make a small contribution to bring beauty back to the city“
Sounds simple right? Maybe it is if we all cooperate for the Rebirth!


? Outside the faces of SIGNUM FIORENZA
“Become friends in the shadow of Brunelleschi’s Dome, Elena, Angela, Paola, Maria Eletta (Etta for all) and Flavia, share a passion for art, food, chat and Florence.
Like pieces of the same puzzle, or more artistically pieces of the same mosaic, they complete each other while maintaining their own uniqueness.
Graduated in art history at the University of Florence, they firmly believe in the education of beauty.
Beauty is what unites people beyond any possible difference of sex, age, nationality or religious affiliation.
We are increasingly realizing, in a world where the dematerialization of reality is increasingly evident, of the need not to lose the beauty wisely created by human hands. With this project we would like to show that when matter and thought meet, they generate works that transcend centuries and geographical boundaries. Over the centuries Florence has had this function: to attract people from all over the world to see the beauty generated by human hands.
or this reason we feel the need, now as never before, to defend and make known to all the Florentine artisan knowledge so that it can produce even more beauty for many years.
Each of us is called to make a small contribution to bring beauty back to the city“


? The faces of SIGNUM FIORENZA – The Secretary!
“I still remember when Valentina for the first time four years ago, in a classic after summer dinner, told me about Signum Fiorenza. Adhering to what was emerging was immediate and natural and carried away by the enthusiasm of the novelty, I sensed that my know-how could be useful for the know-how of all the people involved in the project. That evening has a beautiful but distant flavor, and even if everything has changed now, I can however say that the enthusiasm has increased in being able to put “my little brick” in the construction of a restart that involves my whole city! “


And join us !